Sweet Cheeks

Sweet Cheeks

What is it??

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 Sweet Cheeks is a
temporary support device for Dual Sport riders wanting added comfort on the way
to the trail. A simple, yet effective design. Sweet Cheeks is a seat cover that
utilizes 2 liter soft drink bottles for added support; it widens the seat area
and supports your upper thighs. Our support system offers you needed comfort,
while folding small for easy transport. Easily replenished for the ride home.

Four corner loop fasteners sewn in for attaching. 

Fastening and use of this product is solely the buyers responsibility.


Sweet Cheeks are NOT For Use on Moving Vehicle

Use at your own risk.

Containers falling from motorcycle could cause severe injury or death.

  Designed and Manufactured by Ray Pope

A Dual Sport enthusiast in the USA.

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Stick it in your pocket and ride.

To find your size,
simply measure your seat width. For seats with heavily tapered sides, order 1
size larger than your top width.

Size = Inches of
fabric between the holders.

 From 7″ seat width     to 15″ of support.

   Only $29.95

$5.00 Shipping (US Only)

 E-Mail for a PayPal invoice if multiple sweet cheeks are needed. This will eliminate extra shipping fees.

Size 4.5 

Size 5″ 

Size 6″ 

Size 7″ 

Size 8″ 

Size 9″ 

Now Available in custom sizes at standard price.

I have had a few request for Sweet Cheeks sized for 20oz or 30oz. MSR Fuel bottles instead of 2 liter bottles. If you wish for a special size, make a note in the memo box at check out.

Followed up with an E-Mail of your request.

Center width and bottle diameter are all that is needed for custom applications.

The standard 2 liter size works well with the 20oz MSR bottles, if wrapped with kneeling foam (available from any gardening store)

Custom Size  

 Sweet Cheeks are manufactured using black 10oz Cotton Duck with black UV resistant
thread. The edges are folded for strength and lock stitched. Center support is
double thickness and left open in front for map storage or foam insert. 10oz
Cotton Duck has minimal stretch and is extremely tear resistant. The corners of
Sweet Cheeks have loops sewn in to tie the unit down and prevent it from falling
off the bike. The front loops are positioned to hold the bottle in place when
they are pulled tight, while leaving the cap accessible for easy support
adjustments. Loose mounting or bungee cords work best. Bottles must be allowed to move with seat foam.

Recommended sizes using foam or empty 2 liter bottles.  Add 1 size with full bottles.

DRZ400 – 6
DR650 – 7
Most KTM – 6
KTM Adventure – 9
KLR650 – 8
KLX250 – 7 “6.5 in notes”
Honda CRF’s – 6
Honda XR650L – 7
Husqvarna TE-610 – 4.5

To find your size, simply measure your seat width. If the seat has highly tapered sides. Order 1 size up from your top width.
Size = Inches of fabric between the holders.
Stock DRZ 6-7″ seat  
Size 6 Sweet Cheeks works well with partial bottles. 

Size 7 works well with full bottles.

Review – http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=129959 

Sweet Cheeks are
not warranted for use on a moving vehicle.

falling from motorcycle could cause severe injury or death.

 Container must
be approved for contents and properly secured.

 Motorcycle Safety Foundation

 ATV Safety Institute


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